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My favorite two books currently

Recently I have read several bloggers sites where they have posted book reviews.  During my last couple of months of writing I haven’t had much of a chance to read especially since I work two paying jobs and a volunteer one.

1) Demon Girl – by Penelope Fletcher

Indie author Penelope Fletcher’s book Demon Girl is the first in a series called the Rae Wilder Novels, the first book is even free.  Fletcher brings readers into the world of Rae, a girl who is living behind the wall.  Demons have almost fully exterminated human kind and the last of them live behind walls in cities.  Rae doesn’t feel like she fits in and as she continues on on her life behind the wall finds out that maybe she doesn’t fit in.

Fletcher did something amazing, she went from being an unpublished author to being a self published author with her work both in stores and all over the internet.  Reading Demon Girl you understand why it is all over.  Fletcher’s writing style combined with her unique story line I found it such a good read I am reading the second book in the series.

2) Changes – by Jim Butcher

Changes in Jim Butchers 12th book in the series the Dresden Files.  Harry’s ex-girlfriend come looking for him and she has bad news, his daughter has been kidnapped.  While Harry didn’t even know he had a daughter he is immediately connected with her and is ready to rescue her although it will require him to call in all of his chips and might still cost him the ultimate sacrifice.

Butcher’s series Dresden files is my all time favorite book series.  The detail he has put into each character is amazing.  Not to mention his writing style, the humor he introduces in serious situations makes his books an easy but outstanding read.  What also helps is the detail that he put into his version of Chicago.  The planning he has put behind the logic in his version of magickal culture is amazing.

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