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How I Promoted This Blog

I just wanted to let everyone know that I posted a post on my blog Tech Junk on how I promoted The Orphan.  If you want to know how I achieved over 260 views in under a month, read my article.  Here is the link to the article: .  If you want to check out Tech Junk in general here is the link to the front page of the blog: .


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New Webpage

I have created a new website for me as an author as opposed to just for this book.  This page will remain for updates on this book and will be updated regularly but as for information about me, the author, you can find it on my new site

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Kingdom of Parthi

General Size


Estimated Population

Twenty Million

Top Industries

Lumber and Stone


In between Altrea across the ocean to the east and Sumnar across the ocean to the west.


Type of Government



King Ethan Remijan of Parthi

Points of Interest

The Forest, King’s Castle, Southern Farmland, and Northern watch tower.

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How Did I Come up With the Idea

So today a friend asked?

How did you come up with the idea for The Orphan?

I didn’t really know how to answer them because my writing comes from so many places.  I first came up with the idea for Alexander and Kat while I was sitting at my computer at work.  It had been a long night and I had just finished up studying for my last final.  I just started writing and the idea started forming itself.  Other than that I can’t really tell you how it came to me.  It was really nice feeling to get the stress of finals off my back for a little while.  If you have any other questions feel free to ask me and maybe I will answer them here.

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Magic and Magick

When writing my book I spell magic differently from most people I add a k on the end.  Several other authors I have read have done this and researching it I found that traditions that practice magick spell it with a k.  The difference between the two is that magic is tricks like stage magic while magick is practical magick such as being able to track people with magick or being able to set fires just by casting a spell.  Since in The Orphan the magick in the book involves real magick, that comes from somewhere that we can’t quite explain I felt it was appropriate to go with the different spelling of magick.

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About The Orphan

The Orphan is a novel that is being written by Ian Scofield.  Main characters Alexander and Kat are new to the world of being knights.  They start off as pages and work their way up to being knights.  At first not everything is as it seems about the two young pages and as they grow they change the whole Kingdom of Parthi.

This will be my first novel length book.  I have so far put almost a month into the book and am continuing to work on it.  I hope to have it published when I complete it.  Every day or so I will post an update as to the status of the book.

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