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Interview With Brick Comma Jason

I would like to start off with saying sorry for the long time no post on this blog.  This is still an active blog because the book is still in development but I am currently still in that three month waiting period to hear back from agents and editors.

So it took a little longer then expected but Jason over at Brick Comma Jason posted my interview with him.  (Thank you so much Jason!)  Sorry about getting the links to you late but I didn’t know it had been posted.

Part 1 of the Interview:

Part 2 of the Interview:

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Long time no post

So I know it has been a little while since i posted but i am trying to finish up the book, i have reached the end and now i am editing.


Still working on it.

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7/26/2011’s Word Count

7/26/2011’s word count is 51679.  I have beat my most minimum goal.  I will be posting Chapter Three for the general public tomorrow and adding Chapter Four to the subscriber section tomorrow.

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How I Promoted This Blog

I just wanted to let everyone know that I posted a post on my blog Tech Junk on how I promoted The Orphan.  If you want to know how I achieved over 260 views in under a month, read my article.  Here is the link to the article: .  If you want to check out Tech Junk in general here is the link to the front page of the blog: .

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New Webpage

I have created a new website for me as an author as opposed to just for this book.  This page will remain for updates on this book and will be updated regularly but as for information about me, the author, you can find it on my new site

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Brick Comma Jason and His Review of My Blogging Idea

“That Writer Guy” Brick Comma Jason over at his website (you guessed it has published a review of my idea to blog my drafts of my book to get attention and have numbers to show agents.  I would very much like to thank him for doing this, it is the first and currently only of such reviews I have received.  It was nice to wake up and see an email from him in my inbox letting me know he had published it on his site and going to read it I was very happy by what he said.  You can find the article here:

I would like to thank Jason for being so nice to a new writer.  I highly suggest that you take a stop over to his website and his article on me.  For his review of Death Masks by Jim Butcher I would like to agree on the part where he says he loves Harry Dresden.  Harry Dresden is an amazingly developed character, who sometimes just can’t keep his mouth shut, which leads to some bad situations.


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7/19/2011’s Word Count and another announcement

Word Count

7/19/2011’s word count was 40,338.  I got more written than I expected.  A new editing technique has made it much easier for me to get past my writers block.  I can go back and edit and it is fun now.  Normally editing is my second least favorite part of writing, summarizing being the first.  I have started using post-it highlighter and sticky tabs in one pens to highlight where I want to add something then typing what I want to add in a separate word document that way I can track changes and change the changes before they become more finalized.


Please stand by as tomorrow, rather today now, I will have have another, more refined version of chapter one done.  Probably the last version I will have before I send it to anyone.  It has some changing of sentences but I have also added a lot of content.  That will be released as one huge post.  On top of that I will be releasing new versions of chapter two pages soon.  Subscribers will be able to view them as they are completed while everyone else will get a new page each day.  I will also be working on the last part of the book at the same time so the new chapter two pages could come quickly or they could take a little bit.

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