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7/26/2011’s Word Count

7/26/2011’s word count is 51679.  I have beat my most minimum goal.  I will be posting Chapter Three for the general public tomorrow and adding Chapter Four to the subscriber section tomorrow.


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7/24/2011’s and 7/25/2011’s Word Count

The word count for 7/24/2011 was 47, 777 the word count for 7/25/2011 was 47,798.

Here is a cool chart that shows words written.  This is an idea I got from a published writer and I like it so far.

The Words Written

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7/22/2011’s and 7/23/2011’s Word Count

The word count for 7/22/2011 was 41,286 while 7/23/2011’s word count was 44,287.

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7/21/2011’s Word Count

The word count for 7/21/2011 was 41,080.  It was a fair amount considering I am working on getting all of my blogs up and running.  I should have some more edited material by tomorrow.

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7/19/2011’s Word Count and another announcement

Word Count

7/19/2011’s word count was 40,338.  I got more written than I expected.  A new editing technique has made it much easier for me to get past my writers block.  I can go back and edit and it is fun now.  Normally editing is my second least favorite part of writing, summarizing being the first.  I have started using post-it highlighter and sticky tabs in one pens to highlight where I want to add something then typing what I want to add in a separate word document that way I can track changes and change the changes before they become more finalized.


Please stand by as tomorrow, rather today now, I will have have another, more refined version of chapter one done.  Probably the last version I will have before I send it to anyone.  It has some changing of sentences but I have also added a lot of content.  That will be released as one huge post.  On top of that I will be releasing new versions of chapter two pages soon.  Subscribers will be able to view them as they are completed while everyone else will get a new page each day.  I will also be working on the last part of the book at the same time so the new chapter two pages could come quickly or they could take a little bit.

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7/17/2011’s Word Count

I wrote about 500 words on 7/17/2011.  I have hit a bit of writers block and have had a busy weekend at work.  Sorry about not having a edited page of chapter two for you today.

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7/14/2011’s Word Count

Last nights word count was 38,389.  Again over triple my goal.  I didn’t do any writing the day before, sorry for no update.  I currently re-writing page four of chapter two so you will get an update as soon as that is done.  So far this page has the most editing I have done.  I noticed a few grammatical errors along with some errors in the story line.  They have  been changed and content has been added.

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