About the Author

Hey I am Ian.  I am a college student majoring in criminal justice with a specialization in administration of justice.  I know, its not really what you would call a writing degree but I really enjoy writing.  This is my first novel length work.  I have wrote a few short stories and poems in the past but I feel like I have never put as much energy into a work as I have this one.

My areas of specialty in writing are SciFi and Fantasy.  The same genres I like to read and watch on tv.  My main focus tends to be on modern fantasy but as I am sure you have already seen The Orphan is not modern fantasy.  It originally started out as a way to test myself by writing about something in the past and quickly became something I wanted to get out there.  Writing to me is also a way of handling stress and dealing with emotions that I don’t particularly want to deal with.  Though the characters don’t reflect my emotions I feel like they are my diary in a way.

I hope you enjoy my website.

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