Chapter Two Page Five

“Why the hell were you pulling your punches and going easy on me?”  Kat yelled at Alexander.

“You are smaller than me, I wanted to keep it a fair fight.”  Alexander answered.

“I do not need any special treatment from you.”  Kat said.

“Then you won’t get it anymore.  I didn’t want anyone to see you get defeated by me.  It is our first day and that wouldn’t go over well.”

Just then the door started to rattle.  The door didn’t lock so someone was just pounding on it.

“Come on out little prince.”  Came Oliver’s voice.

“Lean up against the door.”  Alexander whispered with a tone of urgency.

Alexander and Kat leaned up against the door so that Oliver and his friends could not open the door.  The door continued to rattle so Kat and Alexander just continued to lean up against it.

“Fine maybe I won’t give you any special treatment in fighting if you do something with me in return.”  Alexander suggested.

“What could I possibly do for you?”  Kat asked.

“Do some extra running with me.  Sneak out in the mornings, stretch and run.”

“You are asking that while we sit against the door?”  Kat asked.

“Can you think of a better time to ask that here?”

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