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New Webpage

I have created a new website for me as an author as opposed to just for this book.  This page will remain for updates on this book and will be updated regularly but as for information about me, the author, you can find it on my new site


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Brick Comma Jason and His Review of My Blogging Idea

“That Writer Guy” Brick Comma Jason over at his website (you guessed it has published a review of my idea to blog my drafts of my book to get attention and have numbers to show agents.  I would very much like to thank him for doing this, it is the first and currently only of such reviews I have received.  It was nice to wake up and see an email from him in my inbox letting me know he had published it on his site and going to read it I was very happy by what he said.  You can find the article here:

I would like to thank Jason for being so nice to a new writer.  I highly suggest that you take a stop over to his website and his article on me.  For his review of Death Masks by Jim Butcher I would like to agree on the part where he says he loves Harry Dresden.  Harry Dresden is an amazingly developed character, who sometimes just can’t keep his mouth shut, which leads to some bad situations.


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Multi-tasking While Writing

So I have seen this come up on both writing forums and talked to friends about it so I figured I would post my opinion.  I multi-task almost every time I write.  I watch television or listen to music.  I watch television while I write just because my tv is right next to my computer desk and I find it helps when I hit writers block.  As for listening to music it makes my moods flow so I feel like it helps me keep going and by  changing the music I can change the mood I want to write for.  Unfortunately when I write at work it is often hard to listen to music because of the noise in the lobbies/not wanting to disturb people studying.  But yes I believe you can still effectively write while multi-tasking.

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Putting myself in Alexander’s shoes

One of the most difficult things I found about writing The Orphan was that it is set in a past time with none of the stuff we have now.  It may be a different past from the one that really happened on Earth but when something is the past I have a hard time putting myself in the characters shoes.  Putting myself in a characters shoes is usually how I overcome writers block, I will be sitting in class one day thinking about class of course than I will start thinking about my book and what I would do if I was the character.  Sometimes this can be counter productive because I will think about what I want to happen later in the book but most of the time I am able to think of what I want to happen.


I would like to note though that this does not mean I envision myself as any of the characters in the book.  None of the characters are based completely off real people or real events.  If I had to pick one of my characters to be though it would be a tough decision between Alexander who has the title of prince and some special abilities and Myrddin.  I am being vague about these characters because I don’t want to release any spoilers for now.  When I am closer to finishing the book I might post or edit some posts and mark them spoiler.

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